Snooker Private Number plates kick off World Championship

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Snooker Private Number plates help celebrate the kick off for the 2016 World Snooker Championships at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield.#

We have a huge selection of snooker related number plates as per any sport in fact where you want to reflect your chosen sport or trade on your number plate.

Snooker fans can choose from a range of fantastic range of cherished numbers such as POT 1N, 1 CUE, CUE 147S, BEZ 147, MJZ 147 etc.. in a wide price range to show their support.

Being biased we have no option but to support one of the favourites and long time friend of the Company Mark "the jester" Selby, who will be flying the flag for Leicester.

Mark, who was runner up in 2009, winner in 2014 and favourite again has been putting in the practise and hours at our local club First Break and is looking as sharp as ever.

Mark is seeded to meet Ronnie O'Sullivan (Owner of CUE 80Y) in the semi finals, providing they both progress through the early rounds. Crowd favourite Jimmy White having previously owned this number plate. Other Snooker players with special plates are Willie Thorne (A147 PRO), Steve Davis (SD 147), Ray Reardon (RAY 147) and Joe Johnson (JJI 986) amongst the special ones.

If Mark wins the 333,000 first prize his first port of call should be to pick up SEL 8Y to get on his new car now that he finally has passed his driving test! Check out this and more at

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