Football Club Car Number Plates....C'mon lets 'ave it!

We have listed below some of the most popular football teams (in alphabetical order)

In recent years there has been a rising popularity in football supporters buying personalised car registration plates to match their passion for their team. Some very impressive plates 1 NU, FOX3S, V1 LLA, (for the then Aston Villa boss), AR53 NAL, WE57 HAM, MA17 UTD etc.. have all sold for tens of thousands of pounds and gone to owners, directors & die hard fans. 

Select your team below to view related personalised car registrations number plates currently available with prices from as little as £149.

Trademarks shown are the property of their respective owners. Inclusion is provided soley for the supporters of the brand. No relationship, association or endorsment is inferred or implied.

All football teams

Why not get a car registration plate to reflect the devotion you have to your favourite football team. It could be a bargain number plate in the low hundreds, such as EFC 479A at £245, or be a more exclusive cherished number plate like AR53 NAL which recently sold at a DVLA number plate auction for a whopping £45,000.

So whether it's a little or a lot, a football team on your car registration plate can be fun and exclusive, and portray your real passion for your club.

Choose a team from the list to display a host of number plates that reflect your selection. We can then arrange the transfer of the chosen Football car number plate to your vehicle through the DVLA Registration process and we will deal with all the cherished transfer administration and number plate paperwork.

Acrylic number plates may also be ordered separately with a host of flags that can also add an additional personalisation to your new private plate.

The above emblems are registered trade marks of their respective owners. is in no way affiliated to any of the clubs. The use of the respective club emblems is solely for the purposes of describing the goods/services being offered in finding suitable plates for the supporters of each club.