WIG Dateless personalised car registration number plates are now available

The previously never issued combination has just been released and already proving to be a very fast seller.

Whilst there will be some great WIG plates due to be be released WIG 1055, WIG 117S, WIG 417, WIG 8055 etc, even the random four digit ones will become very sought after and rise in price very quickly.

We have already seen a great demand from Hairdressers, Lawyers, Wig manufacturers and sellers and also significanct business owners in Wigan. There will be a further increae in demand when the people in places like Wigston, Wigton, and those with names Wiggle, Wiggins, etc.. names find out about the availability of these incredibly special plates.

Make sure you get yours as soon as possible, search availability online at www.r4v.co.uk