"O" Number Plates

Quality dateless number plates keep on fetching enormous sums of money at the DVLA Auctions of number plates. The O series of cherished registrations were never originally allocated in the early nineteen hundreds and has been a gold mine for the treasury since they began selling them at auction. Buyers of these highly sought after plates should remember that not all the plates were withheld and there are a number of original plates such O 6, O 11 and 11 O that have never been sold at auction and are for sale privately. The most expensive sold at DVLA Auction was 25 0 in 2014 which was over half a million pounds!!

Recently 60 O sold at a number plate auction for over £125,000, which makes the others for sale privately at www.r4v.co.uk that much more attractive given they are almost a third cheaper. It does not mean that auction fever is always a good idea!

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