DVA Irish plates for Sale in Personalised Number Plate auction Sale announced.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

DVLNI Personalised Irish Number plates auction is being held at Wilsons Auctions Mallusk Auction complex on Wednesday 24th November.

The regular number plates sale of distinctive and personalised irish car registrations plates, very similar to that by DVLA is a not to be missed event as 350 never previously issued registration marks are auctioned off.

As usual a small amount of Elite number plates like AXZ 1, BIG 4, AFZ 3 and BRZ 8 are expected to be amongst the star performers.

Whilst DVLA auctions have the luxury of virtually any unissued combination to sell off, DVLNI, recently renamed DVA, have to follow a strict sequence of past and present issues, dictated by geographical vehicle registration licensing offices and historic number plates sequences.

In recent years new combinations such as BEZ, DEZ, KEZ etc.. have joined the ever popular BAZ, CAZ, GAZ sequences from some years ago.

The most popular plates still being the number 1 marks, where BIG 1, WIL 1 and JAZ 1 being some of the big achievers of recent years.

Ian Wilson, Managing Director of Wilsons Auctions has held the auctions at Mallusk for many years and have achieved many good sales for the treasury.

The Sale of Marks scheme amended 1995 covers the sale in the same format as it does the regular DVLA number plate auctions held in the mainland UK.

Read about the record breaking number plates sale of BIG 1 at

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