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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Vehicle registrations can now have their car tax renewed online via DVLA's link on Directgov.

The DVLA registrations database has finally got it's act together and allows motorists to very simply renew their vehicle registrations tax online by paying online with all the correct documents.

Using the V5c DVLA registrations certificate, Ministry of Transport MOT Test certificate and vehicle registrations insurance details you can do it online from the fifth of the month prior to when your car tax needs to be extended. SORN can also be declared online using the same DVLA/Directgov link.

Many car number plates customers at have used the service and it is definitley worth trying. At we are now using the Directgov service to license and SORN it's fleet of vehicles used for personalised number plates vehicle registrations transfers.

Opposition has been vociferous to the service particularly from Post Offices as it is another service removed from those under most threat.

In the age of the internet it is however a forward thinking service and fitting to the Government initiative of getting all it's services online.

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