AMS 1 - Car Registration Number plate coming off the car!

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Apprentice Star Sir Alan Sugar is selling his Rolls Royce, obviously without his fantastic and famous car registrations AMS 1.

Sir Alan, whose last series of The Apprenctice has just finished, is not just a Serious Businessman, but a charachter who commands nothing but respect.

He has owned the number plate for some forty years will be swapping his 2005 Rolls Royce Phantom for something just as classy.

His Goodwood built four door saloon is a snip at £179,500.

The new bearer of AMS 1 will be a new long wheel base Rolls Royce Phantom which will not much of a dent in Sir Alan's estimated £760 million fortune built up over many years of successful trading.

AMSTRAD his well known brand is a reflection of AM Sugar Trading.

The AMS 1 Plate, featured in the prgoramme's opening sequence was recently voted as one of the top ten best celebrity number plates along with COM 1C (Jimmy Tarbuck) and MAG 1C (Paul Daniels).

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