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Monday, 25 June 2007

Businessman pays bumper price For Number Plates
A businessman from County Tyrone has paid a bumper price of £80,000 for a private car number plates.

Sean McCrory, a part time number plate dealer, who now lives in Donegal, travelled to an auction of registration car registration number plates at Mallusk near Belfast on Wednesday, to buy "BIG I".

The cherished number plate will go on his giant 6-litre diesel-guzzling Dodge RAM that does just 20 miles to the gallon.
The previous record price paid for a number plate in Northern Ireland was £50,000 for WIL I.

Mr McCrory, who also sells car number plates, runs a filling station business.

Despite spending more than £100,000 on the personlalised number plate, once VAT and other charges were added, Mr McCrory said he was not too fazed by parting with such a large sum.

"I'm tired, I was out late last night, but I'm used to going to auctions, you wouldn't think so, perhaps I'm getting old maybe," Mr Mcrory said.

As well as buying the cherished number "BIG 1" number plate, Mr McCrory went on to buy the plates "BIG 2" and" BIG 3" registrations for £15,000 and £14,500 respectively.

Mr. McCrory was given a run for his money as were the under bidder on the registration mark for stock all the way up to the winning bid.

Ian Wilson of Wilson's Auctions said the number plates sale was a good indication of the amount of wealth in Northern Ireland.

"It lets you see the money that is in Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland is trundling along very, very nicely," he said.
"There is a lot of people out there that are doing very, very well and it's lovely to see that they are spending their money within the country.

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