Selling DVLA personalised Car number plates made easy!!

DVLA number plates supplier R4V Number Plates have revamped their website to make it even easier to get a FREE quotation to sell a car number plate through their state of the art website.

The new look car registration website has incorporated a new selling a number plate section where you can easily get a free quotation and then decide to sell you personalised plate either straight to us or on a commission sale basis where the plate is exposed to the mass number plates buying public.

Our terms and conditions of business are very clear and we carry the expense of dealing with all the DVLA paperwork and bureaucracy involved.

See our terms:

And get yourself a FREE no obligation quotation done by probably the foremost person on current number plate values. Prices have changed alot over the last two years and so it is crucial when buying or selling a car registration number plate that you dont get it wrong.