DVLA Private number plate & cherished number plate 51 NGH plates have finally re-surfaced in public after it broke the DVLA Private Number plates auction record at the DVLA Number plates auction in April 2006.

The number plates, the car it adorns, a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead, and even the owner himself all feature in the video of the punjabi music popstar Jazzy B.

His latest Album bizarrely titled "RAMBO," features a number of top class plates V 1, B 1 and E 1. All are reported to be owned by Pete Singh Virdy a property millionaire in Birmingham.

Mr. Virdy is also said to own V1 RDY, G4 FFA & P51 NGH, which all in all makes a serious number plate collection.

R4V Number Plates had JAZ 8 and JAZ 13 sometime ago for sale which would have interested Jazzy B had he been well known at the time.

Mr. Singh is reported to be the gentleman in the Black turban at the beginning of the video for the latest single.

The plate 51 NGH set a UK DVLA Auction record when it was sold for £254,000 in 2006.

The "Sister" plate S1 NGH, technically more desireable sold for £110,000 in November 1998, and is said to have never yet been transferred to a vehicle and is currently being offered for sale.

Asian plates have constantly fetched huge sums at auction and many can be found for sale on our website