Sunday 6th July 2008 saw the annual Cherished Car Number plate rally held at Stanford Hall near Leicestershire. Whilst raising money for the number plate enthusiasts club, the car number rally also raised funds for the Parkinson's Disease Society. Sixty four cars with many interesting cherished personalised plates turned out. The following classes of prizes were given.

Amazing/unusual number plate, Owners initial number plates, Name number plates, Collections of personalised plates, number 1 private plates, and also classic cars with interesting registration number.

R4V Number Plates have supported the RNC for many years and the Managing Director of was actually the editor of the RNC newsletter for many years and dragged the publication into the nineties (kicking and screaming), making it more informative and news based as opposed to purely of problems and pictures.

Anyone interested in joining the club may write to the RNC at PO Box MT12, Leeds. LS17 7UD.