The Private personalised number plate ABC 1, which adorns the Mayoral Car of Leicester has a new "Owner."

Manjula Sood, who has been a teacher and city councillor for several decades, will now hold the office of Lord Mayor of Leicester City for one year. With this she will have the pleasure of being chauffered in the prestigious number plate ABC 1 as the first citizen of the city.

Till now she was the High Bailiff of Leicester. She is the first Asian woman to have taken the post of Lord Mayor. Each year, the longest serving city councillor is offered this role. However, the councillor may defer it and if so, then it is offered to the next in line and the process moves on.

Any member of the public who becomes the councillor may also become the Lord Mayor if the person is re-elected enough number of times. A Lord Mayor has a high profile and an very important role in maintaining and promoting the interests of the city and its people. This year is the 800th anniversary of the Lord Mayor's office in Leicester.

She will be the fifth Lord Mayor of Asian origin in Leicester, which has a huge number of population who are from India, She will be the first ever Asian woman Lord Mayor in Britain. Previous Indian-origin Lord Mayors of Leicester were Piara Singh Clair (2004), Ramnik Kavia (2003), Culdipp Bhatti (1996) and Gordhan Parmar (1987).

Speaking to the reporters, she expressed her gratitude and said it was an honour for her to be selected for this position, and would do her best to serve the city. She came to the UK in 1970 and since then has been a teacher. In every role, she had always taught people the value and respect and understanding towards their fellow human beings. Mrs. Sood has long been a customer of and we wish her every success in this important role.