DVLA Swansea appoints new boss

Noel Shanahan, formally the customer services director at DVLA has been promoted to chief executive.

He will succeed Clive Bennett in the role after Mr. Bennett retires at the end of the year and was appointed following an open competition, with some very credible candidates.

Mr. Shanahan is currently customer services director at the DVLA, promoting the use of electronic vehicle licensing and the use of Direct.gov.uk as the primary access point for customers. The Government have been keen since the Tony Blair pledge to get all Government services online, but face a mountain of challenges. Systems and regular government interference in the road tax and VED system are a continual problem.

Transport minister Jim Fitzpatrick said: “I am delighted to welcome Noel Shanahan to his new role. “Under Clive Bennett's leadership the DVLA Agency has embarked on an exciting programme of change. I look forward to working with the new chief executive at DVLA in driving the DVLA forward over the next few years.”

The DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) in Swansea or better known as the DVLA was established in 1973, to centrally computerise the 15,000,000 driver and 13,000,000 vehicle records that were then held on paper, (yes on Paper!) at 183 separate Local Authorities.

Today, the DVLA hold the details of nearly 40,000,000 driver and over 30,000,000 vehicle licences. The DVLA annually has the responsibility of dealing with the yearly budget changes and all the transfers of number plates and vehicle changes that take place. Many years ago there were very few bands of vehicle taxes and the tiering fairly simple to understand. Now with CO2 emissions, engine size, age etc.. all playing a part it is of huge importance that DVLA records are accurate.

The DVLA also is under greater demand to increase it’s accuracy of data held as Speed cameras, enforcement cameras, SORN fines etc.. all a major issue with drivers today.

Over £5bn of revenue in Road tax alone is collected by DVLA and over £83 million of number plates sold each year.

The DVLA is an executive agency of the Department for Transport, and employs some 6000 people and has a network of 40 local DVLA offices nationwide.