The DVLA launch of F private car registrations number plates later this year was announced in June and the DVLA are keeping the asking prices for this new series of registrations at levels higher than any previous prefix plates release since E’s a few years ago.
The announcement from Damian Lawson, Marketing Manager of DVLA Personalised Registrations that F1 number plates will begin the pricing at £1299 all inclusive and F2 number plates will be £599 all inclusive.

It remains to be seen if these are the final prices and indeed some plates will be “individually priced” or witheld for a future DVLA auction, these are only base prices.

Such is the anticipated demand for F prefix number plates that the DVLA are restricting the number of purchases to one per phone call. Lines will be open from 8am – 6pm - an extension of the usual DVLA number plates sales lines operating hours.
F number plates will go on sale Tuesday 7th October, 2008, but many of the more desireable plates have already been sold at DVLA Auction, or will be in the future.

F15 HER, F1 ONA, F1 ORA, F1 ATS, F12 ANK etc.. are just some of the more juicy F combinations that come from this series but they have all already been sold some time ago for serios sums of money.

Call 0116 232 7950 for prices and any combinations that may interest you.

Make up your desired F prefix number plate at :