DVLA Personalised cherished car number plates transfers and retention of car registration transfers will be speeded up.

It was announced today that there is a change to the DVLA local office processing procedure for car registrations marks and number plates retention applications.

The DVLA registrations local office network has implemented a quicker and more streamlined service to customers where the individual DVLA offices now process most number plates related applications.

Previously all cherished transfer applications were forwarded to DVLA Swansea to the Agency's operational centre for processing. This often meant considerable delay as DVLA Swansea are inundated with millions of vehicle and registrations queries annually. The implementation of these changes has reduced the turnaround time customers will have to wait for replacement documents from DVLA following any number plates related cherished transfers or retention.

The DVLA policy and published standards for the transfer and retention of car registration numbers remains unchanged.

Any queries relating to these changes may be directed to Gary Baker at DVLA Cherished Transfer Team, in Policy Casework and advise or DVLA Local operations who control the service levels at DVLA registrations offices' around the country.