The DVLA Personalised Registrations section held the first auction of 2008 of previously unissued car registrations plates on Thursday 21st February and Friday the 22nd of February at Ardencote Manor , Claverdon, Warwickshire and began the year with another successful auction of 1499 attractive personalised car registration numbers.

Bidding can be achieved in person by attending the auction, online, by telephone or postal bid, or most usefully via a Number plates dealer like

This sale achieved bids of £4042100 (but with vat and transfer fees it came to nearer £5million) and brought the total money to the treasury since the very first auction to approximately £1.25 billion. The registration numbers auctioned were all previously unissued number plates i.e. had never been assigned to a vehicle before and from unallocated registration series of year letter and dateless private plates.

Most expensive car registration sold was 4 DAM which made £29000, even though the combination DAM was banned by DVLC and then DVLA for many, many years. RUB 1Y second at £21000. The number one number plates did very well considering the popularity of the initials which went with the number 1 , 1 EJG brought £15000 and next was 1 LDN at £11600 , 1 MFO even made £10100.

Other high achieving plates were PAY 1T at £8300 and NET 7Y at £8000. Other notable sales were 130 XER ( Boxer ) at £10200 and TE55 SSA at a knock down price of just £1000.
New style plates are also included by DVLA in the auctions.

Bargains included 90 HXD at £450, WEB 6B at £550 and DOG 9Y at £900. Amusing private number included R150 TTO ( Risotto ) at £1300 and BEA 12S ( Bears ) at £900 There were 90 unsold car numbers including 13 GAV ( maybe because of the unlucky number ) LSJ 6 which is surprising as auction numbers are seldom letters first as these tend to have been previously used as normal issue numbers, back in the old system before DVLA was created in it’s current format. Other New style registration sales included CU55 ACK ( Cussack ) at £4300 and MR55 NGH ( Mr Singh ) at £2000.

It should be noted that all of the above figures achieved were just the actual hammer number plate bids, to be added to these amounts are the auctioneer’s commission, vat at 17.5% and an £80 DVLA registration transfer fee, all of which add approximately 25% to the total price you would pay.

The next number plate auction will be held on the 16th, 17th, and 18th of April at The Golf Club, Celtic Manor Hotel, Coldra Woods, Usk Valley, Newport, South Wales. A small sample of the numbers to be offered is WEL 5H, CY51 MRU and BAN 90R ( very appropriate for the area of the country the sale is to held in ), 1 HEL, 1 MLF.

Free catalogues can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat PDF format from the DVLA sale of marks website , you can then choose which way you wish to bid and register for bidding at this next sale. Alternatively you can view a full list of personalised registration numbers on offer at [url][/url]