Number plates are bomb proof.... that was the assesment from David Whitely from BBC's Inside Out programme.

David had recently filmed the first new episode of this informative programme of local and national stories in the East with help from

Sporting the fabulous DW 8 plate on a Mercedes David investigated the value of local Mayoral cars in the region and their current market values.

NH 1 as owned by Northamptonshire Council was valued at £400,000 and was the local jewel in the crown. Other local plates HJ 1, EG 1 and ECC 1 were all very valuable and showed the investment strength in car number plates and DVLA registrations. In recent years Essex Council brought in over £400,000 selling the infamous plate F 1 which is now valued at many millions.

As we always preach, personalised number plates bought well will always increase in value and the only part of your car to appreciate in price.