DVLA’s Family Friendly August Car Number Plates Auction

The forthcoming DVLA Personalised Registrations auction at LEGOLAND, in Windsor can be truly named a family friendly occasion.

Amongst the 1,500 highly distinctive personalised registrations going under the hammer at St Leonard’s Mansion, LEGOLAND Windsor this August are a number that resemble the family friendly theme.

These include the registration mark AUN 71E, and family names like WE57 ERN, T4 RBY, PR08 ERT, CU55 ANS and BO57 OCK. Visitors bidding for any of these distinctive car number plates can also take advantage of discounted entrance tickets to LEGOLAND throughout the registration number auction, which runs from Wednesday 6th to Friday 8th August.

Damian Lawson, marketing manager for DVLA Personalised Registrations, added: We have always tried to make our number plate auctions family friendly, but by holding the sale at LEGOLAND Windsor we will hopefully encourage more family groups along to enjoy a summers day out while hopefully securing their chosen registration number at the DVLA Auction.

St Leonard’s Mansion sits within the 150 beautiful acres of LEGOLAND Windsor parkland. Access to the Mansion is free and visitors registering to bid at the auction qualify for the £12 adult and £3 child discounts to the theme parks 50 plus interactive rides, live shows, building workshops, driving schools and other attractions.

The DVLA number plate auction catalogue publishes the lots by time enabling families to easily plan their day at LEGOLAND around the auction, allowing them to maximise their enjoyment of the theme park.

You can arrange a bid on a number plate in the auction at www.auction-plates.co.uk