The incredible rare and sought after DVLA number plate "S 1" is due to be sold via a number plate auction later this month.

The plate issued in 1903 is one of the first ever issued and is incredibly historic.

It was the first car registration number plate issued in Edinburgh, the Scottish capital in 1903 the year registration marks were first introduced in the UK.

It was issued to and owned by Sir John H A MacDonald, the Lord Justice Clerk of Scotland between 1888 and 1919.

Also known as Lord Kingsburgh, he was a motoring pioneer who foresaw the rapid development of the car and the need in the future for a proper road system.

He was one of Scotland's first car owners, and was also a founding member of the Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland, which later became the RAC, and was the first president of the Scottish Automobile Club, founded in 1899.

The historic S1 number plate has been in Sir John's family ever since, and is now being offered for sale by his descendants.

This prestigious and much sought after licence will be sold by Bonhams auction house at the Goodwood Revival Sale on 19 September 2008.

Toby Wilson, head of Bonhams automobilia department, said: "This number plate has come directly from the family, and has been with them since it was first issued.

"I would imagine it would appeal to a patriotic Scot who wants to drive around with S1 which could stand for Scotland 1.
"Obviously, it could also appeal to someone called Simon or whose initials are SI.
"However, so far the interest we have received is from neither a Scot or a person called Simon.
"First and foremost, it will be someone who understands motoring history." The sale of this number plate may be another huge milestone in the history of Britsh Car Registrations.

In 2005, Bonhams sold the car registration "1F" for £144,500 and in 2006, it sold "M1" for a then world record auction price of £331,500.

In January this year, Bradford car design entrepreneur Afzal Khan paid £440,625 for the car registration "F1", featured elsewhere on the Reg4vehicles website.

With these factors being taken into account there is huge speculation that S1 could be up there with the real gems of number plate records F 1, M 1, GS 1 and friends!