New Number plates for cars rules have tightened for millions of motorists. As part of a crack down on illegal number plates motorists are once again to be pursued by the authorities.

Drivers who spray reflective backgrounds on their car registrations number plates in a bid to avoid DVLA registrations records being used to detect offenders via the DVLA registratiion number plates database also face being penalised. This is predominantly to avoid being being caught by speed cameras and police cameras that use ANPR number plates recognition software cameras to capture registrations plate details.

MOT testers have been given strict instructions from DVLA and VOSA to only pass cars and other vehicles that have vehicle number plates that conform to the DVLA Number plates guidelines.

Car registrations plates that have overprinted characters, shadowed number plates text, honeycomb background of number plates are amongst those plates under attack.

Car number plates with incorrect registration spacing and letters and numbers positioned too close or far will all face a retest.

Upto 40,000 cars could potentially face an MOT retest.

In a seperate clamp down, drivers with personalised car registrations number plates who have illegally rearranged the registrations letters and numbers will be fined £60 and not the current £30.

Speed cameras and such are claimed to not be able to read these number plates but R4V have found much evidence to the contrary.

The new law comes in amid a boom for personalised car registrations and cherished vehicle number plates from which the DVLA annually makes in excess of £80 million.

The DVLA could quite easily be accused of double standards as they constantly sell at DVLA number plates auctions registration number plates that are only worth what they are if they are either illegally spaced or altered to appear different to what they actually are.

Why else would someone spend £250,000 plus on a number plate 51 NGH if it is not intented to be appearing on the actual number plates as SINGH.

On a seperate note the DVLA and VOSA have also increased the cost of the MOT test certificate to £54 from the current £53.10. Apprently this will pay for the two DVLA consultations of cracking down on dodgy number plates and on unroadworthy towing devices.

A recent survey by Swinton Car Insurance calculated that upto 12 per cent of motorists have illegal car number plates. Thats a whopping four million drivers.

68% of motorists do not even know if their car number plates even conform to the strict DVLA Car number plates and registrations guidelines.

This applies to drivers both with and without personalised car registrations. Drivers of those vehicles with personalised car number plates may move spacing, or why else would they buy RUS 53L for many thousands from a DVLA Number plates auctioin if it is not to look like RUSSEL?

D can be represented by 0
I or L can be represented by 1
R or Z can be represented by 2
E can be represented by 3
A, D, H can be represented by 4
S can be represented by 5
G or B can be represented by6
T or Y can be represented by 7
A or B can be represented by 8
G can be represented by 9
U or H can be represented by 11
R can be represented by 12
B can be represented by 13
N can be represented by 1V
0 can be represented by D,6,8, or 9
W can be represented by VV
U can be represented by V

and so the list goes on.

Nuts and bolts are an old favourite and are often used to help the number plates on... and are just a bit of harmless fun!