The number 8 is very significant in China.

You may have seen the HSBC Bank advertisment with a number plate auction for the number 8. This is based on a real government number plate auction held there sometime ago.

Lots of chinese people buy 888 Number Plates as it signifies good luck to them.

August the 8th, 2008 was a very significant numerology day.

SO what does 888 mean?

888 traditionally symbolizes the sacred number of Christ
Number 8 turned horizontally on it’s side symbolizes Infinity, in other words endless Life.

It means all time, past, present and the future, centred in the present moment of NOW. On the Highest Spiritual level all time is now. Everything that ever happened is occurring now and everything that ever will happen is happening now. We create our present from our past and our future from our present. It is called Karma in some beliefs.

So (August 8th, 2008, 08/08/08) - 888 is a Triply Karmic Day. Karmic to the third Power. This is a very powerful occurance and will never be repeated for 1000 years.

In the Chinese system 8 is the number of the Total Universe, Fortune. We predict many Chinese will be booking induced births on Aug, 8 2008 to have their children born with this lucky number!!

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