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Selling your registration mark

R4V Number Plates are always looking to purchase quality registration marks direct. If you would like to sell a registration or obtain a free valuation please complete the form below.

Advertising your registration mark on the R4V web site for free

As one of the country's largest number plate dealers we have a weekly advertising expenditure which regularly exceeds tens of thousands of pounds, giving your registration maximum exposure to the public without charge to yourself.

If you would like to advertise your registration mark on for free please complete the form below for a no-obligation valuation.

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About your registration

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Is the vehicle taxed?

Is the vehicle MOT'd?

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The above is for enquiries and evaluations only and does not form a contract of any kind. You have the right to cancel any future commission sale agreement made at any time, in writing, provided that we have not yet found a buyer for the number. You must also inform us immediately if you sell or scrap the vehicle holding the registration mark, or dispose of the registration elsewhere.

Please note that our valuation is deemed realistic and based upon factors representing the number's true market value. However if the amount quoted is too low and you require more, we will endeavour to return you that amount. Remember, the cheaper the number the quicker the anticipated sale.

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