DVLA's new Cherished Transfer Super office in Swansea is almost the same shambles as it's normal processing. Opened allegedly as a trial without any information to stakeholders the DVLA has two Central Processing Units (CPU's) which handle mass volumes of cherished number plates transfers. Rumour has it that they are not staffed by DVLA staff but SERCO the governments and DVLA's favoured service agent.

R4V have, for ease and speed tried to send customer's transfers to the Swansea and Manchester CPU to see if the service is any better as all our customer's want are speedy and accurate transfers. The results are pretty astonishing..... The following "mistakes" are examples of this new found efficiency:

A 1984 vehicle following a number plate transfer has been re-registered on a 1964 plate. MOT for donor vehicle issued with plate of receiving vehicle Receiving vehicle issued MOT for donor vehicle Transferable number plates V5 issued as non transferable.

And our current favourite... following transfer of a registration ACC 944A, the donor Honda Moped has been re-registered as MCY 99A, we thought??? The V5 registration document arrived from DVLA Swansea as MCY 999A. Our transfer team subsequently wrote to the DVLA Office Manager, to which as usual no reply came. Subsequently we received a new tax disc and MOT as MCY 999A and thought as ignornant as this is we have a full set of matching paperwork... little did we know. Last week another V5 registration document arrived from DVLA as MCY 99A. So now we have one vehicle with two registration numbers, two tax discs and two MOT's which all carry the correct chasis number, engine number etc.. This is the Super Office... heaven knows what the poor rural village offices must do!!!

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