Cherished DVLA number plates fit for a Queen sells at over £100,000

The personalised cherished car number plates “1 HRH” sold at the DVLA number plates auction beingheld in Worcester. After some fierce bidding starting in the low thousands the mark sold for just over £114,000.

1600 cherished number plates are being sold at the DVLA auction over the three days it is being held. The highlight being expected to be tomorrow morning for the huge sum expected to be paid for the much sought after personlaised private number plate “1 O.” Read about this in our number plate new section.

Cars without any physical number plates

For most of her visits in the UK, the Queen travels in a State car. There are five State cars: two Bentleys, and three Rolls-Royces.They are all painted in Royal claret, which is a dark maroon colour. The Queen has her own mascot for use on official cars - a statue of St. George killing the dragon. The Bentleys are very special cars, as they were designed. The significant distinction added is that being the Queen she does not have to display any physical acrylic car number plates on the vehicle.

The Queen does however own the majestic number plate “A 7” which is one of the first car number plates ever issued in the UK, dating back over 100 years.

Her daughter, the Princess Royal, used to own the superb personalised number plate “1 ANN” which was gifted to her on her first wedding. This was eventually removed for security reasons and then returned to the giver upon the end of her first marriage.

The late Queen mother owned NLT 2 and her son in law HRH Prince Philip owns OXR 1.

Princess Margaret has 3 GXM and the Duke of Kent YR 11.

It is believed that none of the Royals took part in the auction, but you never know!

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Read about the plate "1 O" at

It has emerged since that a Berkshire-based millionaire bought the registration 1 HRH for £113,815 at the DVLA Personalised Registrations auction at Whittlebury Hall, Northampton.

The wealthy businessman, who wished to remain anonymous, declared he’d bought the registration as an investment and, because of its potential royal connotations, was “determined to keep it in British hands”.

He said: “In my mind, there aren’t many registrations that can better 1 HRH. While I bought it as an investment, its obvious royal links made me determined to keep it in British hands.”

The mystery buyer was unsure which of his “regal” cars to place the registration on, either his Bentley or Rolls Royce Phantom! However, he is now turning his attention to the personalised registration 1 O being auctioned at 8.50am tomorrow (Friday, January 30).

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