Why are some DVLA Car Number Plate prices subject to VAT?

If the registration mark is owned by R4V Number Plates, a from a VAT registered supplier, VAT must be added. Registrations that are not subject to VAT are being sold on a commission basis.

Can I pay by methods other than credit card for my new reg?

Yes. You may pay by Cheque, Money Transfer or Bankers Draft. For further details please call us on 0116 232 7950.

What happens to my payment if I change my mind before the number plate transfer has been completed?

Under Consumer Protection Regulations, if you do not proceed with the transfer of the registration mark after paying the part/full payment, then no part of this payment is refundable since the service period commences immediately.Registration prices are also subject to considerable price fluctuation and many have date expiry which affects their pricing. Ordered registrations cannot be refunded or exchanged, and cancellations cannot be accepted.

Do R4V.CO.UK provide acrylic Car number plates?

When purchasing registration marks online you will have the option of ordering a set of acrylic car number plates with your registration number, at additional cost. Acrylic number plates may be also ordered even if you have not bought the actual registration number from us.

Does the number plates price include a vehicle?

No. You are merely acquiring the right to transfer the registration number to a vehicle.

What will happen to my current DVLA car registration number?

Unless you want to pay the DVLA Department of Transport fee and retain it, the registration is automatically made void. You simply remove and dispose/store the old number plates and fit the new ones at the time we advise. In most cases, in the future when you change your purchased plate to a new car, your old vehicle will receive its old mark from DVLA on a non-transferable basis. Further information on retaining a registration can be obtained by calling us on 0116 232 7950.

The windows on my car are etched. Will I be able to have the DVLA registration number currently showing on my vehicle re-issued if I transfer my Cherished Registration in the future?

You may request the old number to be re-assigned to your vehicle only if the windows of the vehicle are etched with the mark. The DVLA Vehicle Registration Office may call your vehicle for inspection to verify your claim.

My V5 document says my Car registration number is non-transferable with DVLA. Can I transfer a Cherished Registration onto my vehicle?

Yes. Although you cannot transfer or retain a non-transferable number, the vehicle can receive a new registration number providing the non-transferable number is not a "Q" mark and providing the vehicle meets the normal conditions of the Sales, Transfer and Retention schemes.

Why are some Car number plate transfers faster than others?

If you are buying a car registration mark that has previously never been issued or assigned to a vehicle the transfer time is usually between 3 and 14 days. The reason for the speed in which marks of this nature may be transferred is due to the fact that there is no donor vehicle involved which involves additional processing or potential to be inspected by the Department Of Transport. Theses marks are inevitably held on V750V778 DVLA retention forms containing R4V Number Plates as the grantee along with our client as the nominee thus minimising the amount of administration required. We also now can assign many marks electronically in real time but this is dependant upon the taxation history and records of the receiving vehicle.

Where a registration has been previously assigned to another vehicle there may be a need to arrange an inspection of the donor vehicle prior to completing the transfer. In order to make a vehicle ready for transfer the donor vehicle must also be taxed and hold a current MOT certificate, these documents may take a few weeks to acquire from the donor as well as contractual exchanges that take place.

In addition to the time required to obtain donor documents the governing bodies also require ample time to process transfer applications. The average transfer time requested by the governing bodies is two to three weeks, but may vary from each transfer. We DO NOT circumvent the rules and thus ensure accurate processing. Call us for details.

How can I find out about the status of my DVLA number plate transfer?

R4V Number Plates handle hundreds of thousands of number plate transfers every year and all clients are asked to send progress requests in writing by email to [email protected] or post to R4V Number Plates, Number Plate House, 6 Gallimore Close, Leicester LE3 8HA.

What does DVLA, VRO, DOT and DVLC stand for?

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), Vehicle Registration Office, Department Of Transport and Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre respectively.

Why are the Rules of the governing bodies the DVLA so strict with car registration numbers?

Personalised car registration numbers, and those that are not, are a method of law enforcement and as such the integrity and clarity of the transfer system must be upheld by the DVLA.

Does the recipient vehicle need to be inspected for a number plate transfer?

Not Usually. However, if for example there was a change of construction of the vehicle the authorities may then want to inspect it or if it has previously registered as accident damaged then it be so. You would be notified if this was necessary.

Are there any restrictions to the transfer of a DVLA number plate with a DVLA Age related year letter?

You cannot make a vehicle look newer than it actually is by transferring a younger year letter. For example, you cannot put a 'S' prefix DVLA registration on a 'R' prefix vehicle since it would make the vehicle appear younger. You could however put any prefix registration from 'A' - 'R' on a 'R' prefix vehicle.

How long does a car number plate transfer take?

The average time scale for a registration transfer is 28 working days. We ensure that every transfer is expedited as quickly as possible. However, it should be noted that the transfer cannot be started until we receive the required documents. Please note that whilst we take all reasonable care of your documents, we cannot accept any responsibility for their safety once passed into the hands of the Department of Transport.

What happens if I need to tax or MOT my vehicle while the registration transfer is being processed by DVLA?

Simply send the appropriate fee, your insurance certificate and/or cover note and the tax application to us, ensuring that you state the old registration number on the application form. In the case of a new MOT, again you must ensure that the garage MOT the vehicle under the old registration and send the certificate to us immediately, with a covering note informing us of the registration mark you are purchasing. R4V Number Plates will have the MOT amended accordingly as and when it is appropriate during the transfer procedure.

Am I able to transfer a mark to a vehicle with a "Q" registered mark through DVLA or elsewhere?

Transfers are currntly not possible to or from "Q" registered vehicles.

Do I have to keep the DVLA personalised registration number on my vehicle for a certain time before I can transfer it again?

There are no time restrictions and transferring a registration mark is a simple procedure which may be applied for yourself. Please note that any car registration purchased from R4V Number Plates must not be offered for re-sale until our transaction with you has been finalised.

If the recipient already has a mark can I transfer both at the same time via DVLA?

Yes. This is called a double transfer. You will need to immediately supply us with the documents of the third vehicle involved and an extra £80 cheque payable to the Department of Transport. This creates more work for us and a small extra charge. If no third vehicle is available then the mark can normally be retained on a Department of Transport retention certificate in accordance with the governing Regulations.

If my vehicle is new and not registered at DVLA can I transfer a new personalised cherished number onto it?

Yes, this does not normally create a problem, however due to the fact that the transfer time is uncertain it may be more appropriate to have a year related number plate assigned by the garage supplying the vehicle. By opting for this solution you shall have full use of the vehicle whilst the transfer is taking place.

If I ask a supplier to fit a new cherished numberplate mark, am I paying the DVLA £80 transfer fee again?

No. Every new vehicle is supplied with an appropriate year letter free of charge by the garage. The only charge made by the garage is for the physical plates.

Can a Car Registration be transferred from a car to a motorcycle through DVLA?

Yes, all motorcycles (including mopeds) can participate freely provided the normal requirements of the DVLA cherished number plate transfer facility are met.