Naughty Number Plates

Naughty number plates are very popular, and amongst the light hearted it seems to be the cheeky ones that attract the most attention. As a  popular request we have included a selection for those looking for something that may raise the odd eyebrow or a chuckle when you are stuck in traffic.

All registrations are DVLA issued road legal plates and we do not intend to cause offence to anyone but over the years we have dealt with top quality but risque plates like B16 NOB, STR 1P, K1 NKY, ORG 451M,  to name drop a few of the most special ones

Below are a selection of naughty registrations that R4V Number Plates currently have available for sale on a first come, first served basis. An excellent investment that will put a smile (or a frown) on anyone's face - call us on 0116 232 7950 for further information.

Please note that most prices are plus VAT and all are plus the appropriate Department Of Transport's DVLA transfer fee dependent upon your requirement. All plates subject to availability and our terms & conditions.