DVLA Number Plate Auction

Many personalised registrations and private number plates are offered for sale every year by way of Number plate Auction. These are held at various Auction houses as instructed by the DVLA - Department of Transport Sale of Marks registrations and the DVLNI Department of Environment Sale Of Marks Units and a growing trend of private auction houses selling registration numbers for private individuals and traders.

Premier Motor Auctions, Wilsons Auctions and other independent agencies hold theses auctions periodically through out the year and in various locations and most can now be accessed remotely. Private Number plate auctions are growing in significance, but the DVLA and DVLNI Auctions are by far the more popular.

R4V Number Plates are renowned for their unique Auction Bidding Service at DVLA and DVLNI Number Plate Auctions, unrivalled by any other private number plate dealer having been involved with them since their inception. We charge a small fixed fee (which is not % related, like others, to the price the registration achieves) to bid on your behalf at your chosen auction on your chosen DVLA registration mark.

This takes away all the added expense of time, travel and accommodation as well as providing our expertise!

If we do not get your DVLA personalised registration in your given price range at the number plate auction you pay absolutely nothing.

Please Note: The DVLA registrations below have a reserve from which the bidding will start. Plates are never sold below this reserve, and will also be subject to VAT, DVLA transfer fee and an auctioneer's commission. Please call us for guide prices and a better indication of the budget required to purchase any of these DVLA registration marks.

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