Cheap Number Plates Under £200

We supply the UK's cheapest bargain Car number plates offered at incredible knockdown prices, most are on a special offer, and nearly all are below £200. Dateless private plates can be transferred to any age of vehicle as they are ageless and have no year identifier and are often used for businesses to hide the age of their vehicles particularly when they run a fleet of vehicles.

We specialise in cheap sequential plates, such as VGZ 4244, VGZ 4245 etc.. search or get in touch for more.

We arrange the transfer of your chosen car registration number through the DVLA upon receipt of the correct DVLA vehicle registration documents requested once we have your payment.

Order online or call our sales team on 0116 232 7950.

Please note that most prices are plus VAT and all are plus the appropriate Department Of Transport's DVLA transfer fee dependent upon your requirement. All plates subject to availability and our terms & conditions.