Number Plate Sales Terms & conditions

R4V Number Plates - Terms & Conditions for Buying and Selling a DVLA Personalised Car Number plates:


In these terms and conditions the following words and expressions will have the following meanings.

"R4V" means at any time R4V Number Plates

"the Mark" means the vehicle registration mark in question that is subject to the use of the services of R4V for the purpose of being bought or sold.

"Seller" means the individual/company named on the Selling permission contract instructing and accepting the services of R4V.

"the Donor Vehicle" means the vehicle that carries the mark prior to any sale if applicable.

"Buyer" means the individual/company named on the invoice or order issued by R4V upon placing an order.

"the Receiving Vehicle" means the vehicle that intends to carry the mark following any sale and successful transfer if applicable.

"DVLA" means the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in Swansea or it's Local Office Network of vehicle registration offices.


  1. The Seller of the registration mark appoints R4V to advertise and sell the right to transfer the registration mark to a buyer that R4V shall find, at the price indicated and accepted in the written quotation provided. R4V will bear the cost of all advertising, administration and marketing of the plate, subject to the Seller adhering to the terms and conditions of their contracted agreement, and thus at no cost to the seller.
  2. The value payable to the Seller of the mark will be that already agreed in the quotation previously issued or any lower offer agreed with the Seller prior to sale, by letter, telephone, facsimile or email.
  3. The Agency contract of R4V is valid indefinitely. It may ONLY be cancelled by the Seller, upon written notice by the Seller to R4V by RECORDED DELIVERY POST. Facsimile, telephone or email cancellation will NOT be accepted.
  4. The Seller must notify R4V in writing, if the vehicle carrying the mark is sold, stolen or destroyed, or he/she otherwise ceases to be the owner of the mark, or wishes to withdraw the mark from sale.The seller must also notify R4V in writing should the vehicle carrying the mark no longer have or possible to have valid paperwork for a successfull transfer.
  5. A Buyer shall be deemed to be found, once R4V have received a part payment by cash, cheque or credit card from an intending Purchaser of the mark, or issued a Proforma Invoice. R4V are under no obligation to check availability before agreeing a sale with a prospective purchaser. The written contract is confirmation of availability and of the authority of R4V to take payment from a prospective purchaser and/or issue a proforma invoice, or take an automated order via the internet.
  6. If a buyer is found and the Agency contract has not cancelled by the Seller, the Seller shall be liable to pay R4V their costs. This will be to cover advertising, administration and other expenses incurred in selling a registration number that after all is not available, and also to replace the lost sales commission on the plate that would have been made.
  7. The Seller shall not incur any liability for any commission to R4V once the cancellation notice has been received and confirmed back to the Seller, prior to any buyer being found. Cancellations cannot be back dated.
  8. The Seller will be responsible for presenting the donor vehicle (the one that carries the mark being sold), to their Department of Transport's Local Licensing Office, if so required, at their own expense. The Seller will also be responsible for affixing the replacement registration mark after approval by the DVLA, and for the cost of any acrylic number plates required.
  9. Full & final payment for a registration purchased from a Seller for R4V stock, or sold on a commission basis to a third party, will only be released upon final approval of the replacement V5C Registration Documents as appropriate by the DVLA for both donor vehicle and receiving vehicle. Copies of these documents will need to be received at R4V's Office prior to issue of payment.
  10. The seller must return all valid paperwork, including Current V5C and MOT Certificate, where applicable, as requested upon procurement of any sale within a maximum of twenty eight days of notification of a sale. If the mark is held on a DVLA Retention/Entitlement Certificate the Seller must provide the current unexpired valid certificate to be sent to the DVLA for amendment, at a cost to the seller within the same time period. If a sale falls through due to the failure to provide valid paperwork within this time scale then the seller will again be responsible to replace the lost sales commission on the sale and costs incurred.


  1. The Buyer is responsible for the payment of the current DVLA transfer or retention fee, and for producing the documentation of the vehicle receiving the mark as appropriate within the stipulated time period as confirmed by R4V.
  2. Under Consumer Contract Regulations 2014, if the Buyer does not proceed with the transfer of the registration mark after paying the part payment/full payment or fails to supply the full documentation required by DVLA, then no part of this payment is refundable, whatsoever, as the service period commences immediately. Ordered numbers cannot be refunded nor exchanged, nor will any cancellations be accepted. The acceptance of our terms on any internet order will also bind the person placing the order to commit to the purchase, and provide full payment as agreed when forming the contract. If this is not authorised by the internet order it will need to be provided by alternative methods, as the contract to purchase is formed by entering full purchase details.
  3. The Buyer of any registration mark must provide full payment before any transfer will be submitted to the Dept. of Transport, or it's agents. This payment must be within 14 calendar days of securing the registration by initial part payment, or the transaction will be deemed a failure, and thus lose the Buyer their part payment. Receiving vehicle documents must be received within a maximum 28 days from payment of part payment, or as prescribed by R4V if a longer period is granted.
  4. If the Buyer wishes to have the mark purchased and supplied on a DVLA retention certificate it will be subject to the possibility of the mark being retained as confirmed by R4V. The Retention/Entitlement certificate will not be released up until available and receipt of the completed release form that R4V will provide to the buyer.
  5. Under the terms of the contract, the transfer of any registration must be completed within a maximum of ninety calender days from receipt at R4V's office, of completed documents and payment from buyer and seller. The buyer would be entitled to a refund thereafter if this is not fulfilled. This transfer period may be superseeded by any written agreement between the Buyer or Seller and the Administration Manager.This transfer period may also be extended should the DVLA office processing the paperwork require to inspect any vehicle involved in the process as this will negate the maximum term.
  6. Transfers to those client's vehicles registered in Northern Ireland will not be bound by these timescales as the procedures involved between the two licensing authorities do not allow a transfer to be facilitated within this time.
  7. If the transaction fails due to no fault of the Buyer then they will receive a full refund of all amounts paid only. No additional disbursements, interest or consequential costs claims will be accepted.
  8. The issue of a new V5C bearing the new registration number shall be conclusive proof that a successful transfer has taken place for both Buyer and Seller. Payment to a Seller will only be issued upon copy documents being received at R4V's Offices of both donor and receiving V5c Registration Certificates after their issue via DVLA Swansea.
  9. Any faults relating to Acrylic Plate orders must be raised within 48 working hours of receipt of plates and product returned to our offices. Replacement plates will be manufactured and despatched within 48 working hours of receipt of same.


  1. R4V Number Plates shall be responsible for the administering of documentation required to transfer the registration mark and will process all papers as quickly as is possible, but will NOT be liable for any losses howsoever caused due to any delay otherwise than on the part of R4V. Nor if the DVLA revokes the right to a registration mark, will R4V be liable for any damages, interest or other expense incurred whatsoever.
  2. Non standard administration for either buyer or seller is chargeable, and letters will be charged at a standard rate of £25 plus vat per letter. Management time spent is chargeable at £100 plus VAT, or part thereafter. Retention renewals, nominee amendments. duplicate documentation and other non standard administration will incur fees and be at R4V discretion. General bespoke administration will incur charges as per the R4V given quotation appropriately for the relevant transaction. Please ring or email for a quotation. We offer a full additional and after sale transfer service and charges will vary dependant upon the nature of work undertaken.
  3. The Secretary of State for Transport or their agents, the DVLA (as keeper of their records), may, at any time, revoke the right to a registration mark for whatever reasons. In this highly unlikely event R4V Number Plates cannot be held responsible. R4V are also not liable for any change in Government legislation or it's subsequent consequences. All current guidelines and legislation covering the transfer and sale of Vehicle Registration Marks will remain inforce at all times.
  4. No variations to any of these Terms & Conditions are valid unless any alteration is made in writing on R4V headed note paper and signed by the Proprietor.

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