Search help

Help with seaching for a number plate

Use the box above to search for a registration. If your name is John Smith then an example search would be "John Smith", "John", "Smith" or "JS".

Search options

You can enable or disable a combination of 3 different search options which are explained below:

  • Premium - this checkbox searches our database for Premium registrations. Generally speaking, these are the best registrations but tend to be more expensive.

  • Super value - this checkbox searches our database for pre-fix registrations. Generally speaking, these tend to be cheaper than our Premium registrations.

  • Newstyle - this checkbox searches our database for new style registrations (i.e. 02 - plates) which tend to offer a greater number of available combinations than our Premium and Super value registrations.

Sorting your search results

Order by - this dropdown list allows you to order the search results by price (high or low) or registration.

Further help

If you need help finding a registration, why not call a sales advisor on 0116 232 7950 and we would be delighted to assist you.

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