Our latest records show that this registration is available

Below is a full price breakdown of this registration, along with the total cost to you:

Item Price
Registration: CCN 605B £49.00
VAT £9.80
Transfer Administration Fee £105.00
Total £163.80

Important notes

  • The registration you are reserving is CCN 605B. Please ensure this registration is correct as it cannot be cancelled/exchanged once the order has been processed.
  • Our latest records show that this registration is currently available and priced at £49.00, but R4V Number Plates reserve the right to withdraw any registrations from sale, or change prices, without notice.
  • This plate is subject to VAT at 20% on the full selling price and a Department of Transport transfer fee of £105.00. Therefore the total price is £163.80.
  • This online ordering service takes priority over all written orders and operates on a first come first served basis.
  • Can the registration CCN 605B be assigned to your vehicle? You cannot make a vehicle appear younger than it is by changing the registration mark. For example: You cannot put a 'S' prefix registration on a 'R' prefix vehicle since it would make the vehicle appear younger. You could however put any prefix registration from 'A' - 'R' on a 'R' prefix vehicle.

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