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MAZ 4396

Our latest records show that this registration is available. Below is a full price breakdown of this registration, along with the total cost to you:

Item Description Price
Registration MAZ 4396 £530.00
VAT   £106.00
Our Government Transfer & Retention Administration fee   £105.00
Total   £741.00
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Please note if your vehicle is registered in Northern Ireland you may also buy any plate listed

To purchase this number, call our sales line on 0116 232 7950 now with any major debit/credit card or order securely online when we are closed.

Acrylic number plates may also be ordered at separate cost, and must be displayed in accordance with current regulations. All registrations may be assigned to motorcycles or cars.

In order for us to proceed with the sale and to transfer the number to your vehicle when you wish, we will need the following from you:

  • Original V5 Registration Document for receiving vehicle.

Your vehicle must also be MOT tested if over three years old and currently taxed online, which will all be updated upon completion. Once we receive the above we can commence with the transfer. All documents, apart from your V5, will be returned immediately upon completion. You may continue using your vehicle, as normal, during the entire transfer period. The V5 will follow from DVLA Swansea in 4-6 weeks time once the transfer is complete, but the actual transfer will only take approximately 28 working days. Please note: You cannot make a vehicle appear newer than it actually is.

Most numbers can be held/supplied on a retention certificate for up to 10 years if not required immediately.

We are a well established reputable company, fully vetted by the DVLA and the Department Of Transport. We offer a full money back guarantee should we not be able to supply a plate that has been bought and paid for. All transfers are sanctioned through the DVLA at Swansea, and completed swiftly and efficiently by our professional transfer team.

If you have any further enquiries regarding this registration you can contact us below:

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